Sunday, February 27, 2011

Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends DVD Box Set

At the end of this last week I received a copy of A Bug Collection DVD Box Set by Max Lucado. It contains stories for young kids designed to teach them about prayer, bee-having, and getting along with others. Each DVD is about 45min long including an introduction and conclusion with Max and Hermie talking about the story and learning the same lessons.
When we received the DVD set we were looking forward to having another fun movie for our kids to watch that would reinforce good behavior and values. We watched the story Busby and the Grumble Bees with our son. My wife and I understood the message and our son could identify it as well, but we were disappointed with how it was presented. Most of the story focused on the bad behavior with the characters learning to do the right thing at the end. But as a result the songs and actions that our son remembered and repeated were mimicking the bad behavior that the story was trying to illustrate as being bad. In addition Max’s comments before and after didn’t model what we would like our kids to do. I previewed the other 2 discs and they followed the same pattern. I understand the lessons that they are trying to teach, but I would prefer the bulk of the story and songs to mimic good behavior and values.
I would not recommend these to other parents and we will not be showing them to our kids.

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