Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Word of Promise New Testament Audio Bible by Falcon Picture Group

This is a NKJV Bible audio drama of the New Testament boasting a large cast, soundtrack and special affects. The CDs come is a nice soft case that zips closed. It is a reading of the New Testament and goes verse by verse with out commentary, but it doesn’t include every word. For instance it does not always include phrases like “and they said,” (Lk 19:34), but they generally are included if they infer movement like “But as they were loosing the colt, the owners of it said to them,” (Lk 19:33). This makes you pay more attention to the change in voice of who is speaking and the continuity of the conversation. And when you are following along in a program like iTunes you can select a chapter to listen to, but it isn’t possible to select a specific verse. Also, when certain groups of people speak, sometimes you hear multiple voices and sometimes only one. For the disciples they use the voice of Peter to speak for the group.

Overall I have enjoyed listening to this audio Bible. It is engaging and entertaining. It feels like you are listening in on a scene as it unfolds. I find it good to sit and listen with Bible in hand.

Note: I am a Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer:

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