Saturday, January 23, 2010

Buried Alive by Roy Hallums

Buried Alive recounts the events surrounding the capture and eventual rescue of Roy Hallums in Iraq. Roy was held hostage for 311 days by his Iraqi captures. Roy is retired military and was working as a civilian during the time of his capture. He is one of the few Americans to have been rescued from being held hostage in Iraq.
The things he suffered and how he endured is impacting. I praise the Lord for his rescue and safe return.
As for the style of the book I was disappointed. While it read easily, I found that the retelling of his life events during his 311-day capture lacked depth. The author simply did not convey the depth and power of Roy’s ordeal. If I were to compare it to a movie, it felt more like a made-for-tv movie than a major motion picture. The book lacked the depth, feeling, and power that I would expect from a story as amazing as Roy’s. Also, I read nothing in the book of Roy’s faith in Christ. To be honest I was expecting the story, being published from Thomas Nelson, to highlight Roy’s faith in Jesus Christ.

Note: I am a Nelson Book Reviewer:

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