Friday, April 30, 2010

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart by John Eldredge is a look into what the author sees as God’s true design and intent for men versus what our worldly and cultural preconceptions of men are today. He looks to set men free from a world that would strip them of their God given purpose so as to allow them to thrive and find fulfillment and purpose. The basic assertion is that our current society teaches that being aggressive, daring, or brave is something that is OK for kids to do when they are playing games, but that it is something we are taught to grow out of as we mature into adults. The book is written in a pop culture style and is an easy read.
Overall I would say that this book has a good and well meaning message that would benefit many. I do think that to many men settle for much less than what God truly intends for us. As men we need to dream and pray and act. To often we dream, but don’t get clear direction because we neglect the prayer and we fail to act because of fear. That being said I think Eldredge's encouragement for men to be Godly men of action is good. However I would agree with others that Eldredge does give broad generalizations regarding men and his supporting evidence for all his points is somewhat lacking. So I see this book not as the final case building argument that substantiates the changes to be made in men, but more of a starting point. Being more useful as a starting point that gives men pause to consider where they are. And then to be encouraged to express their heart to the Lord as David would in the Psalms while seeking wisdom and direction to act in a manner that is fearing God and not men.

Note: I am a Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer:

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